Print Campaign for Nestlé hepar mineral water

Nestlé/ Hépar Water
Print Campaign
At the beginning of the year I was comissioned to create 5 visuals that visualize an easy digestion process in a tasty way...Well, sounds not that easy but I think it came out nicely in the end.
The campaign advertises a mineral water rich in magnesium supports digestion/intestinal transit...makes things flow.

I have to thank Thibault from Pellmell and Dimitri and Eric from Marcel/ Paris. Dim, you really drove me nuts but it was worth it...if theres one thing I respect: it is passion. Pain is temporary- Design is forever. Looking forward to support you in the future.

Agency: Marcel/ Paris
Creative Direction: Dimitri Guerassimov & Eric Jannon
Art Buying: Jean-Luc Chirio
Illustrator: Mark Gmehling

Hope you like it!
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