SWAN LAKE by Mark Gmehling for Photoby

The visual is part of our self promotion “campaign” published in Lurzer’s Archive (international edition) and aimed at the Russian advertising market. The idea was to create a series of visuals, each paying tribute to a great Russian idea or accomplishment and with the copy in cyrillic reading “WE WANT TO ILLUSTRATE YOUR BEST IDEAS”. We wanted each visual to be created by a different digital artist represented by our digital illustration agency Photoby Digital, making sure each visual is a good representation of their unique style - serving both as a good promotion of the particular artist as well as the agency as a whole.

This third visual from our "campaign" by Mark Gmehling, depicts the famous Russian ballet Swan Lake composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky with Mark’s trademark twist :) Swan Lake, composed in 1875-1876 and originally staged by the world famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, was fashioned on Russian folk tales and tells the tragic story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse.  The visual shows the ballet’s finale as tragic lovers Siegfried and Odette ascend into the heavens together.  Mark has filled the visual with so many delightful details that it demands a closer look.

Agency: Proximity BBDO
Art Director: Magdalena Kramer
Copywriter: Kamil Redestowicz
CGI / Illustration: Mark Gmehling
a VERY rough sketch from Magda & Kamil ;) We wanted to give Mark as much creative freedom as possible. 
first rough sketches by Mark Gmehling
some character sketches from Mark - showing Siegfried & Odette
first render of Siegfried & Odette and below some close ups from the final visual:
are those pussy riot swans?! 
"We want to illustrate your best ideas". Self promotion visual created by Mark Gmehling in co-operation with BBDO Proximity Warsaw for Photoby. To be published in the upcoming Luerzer's Archive 02/14.
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